Taking the technical brilliance of Intend to a larger number of customers.

Solutions, which do not lead to confusion. This is what I want to achieve with the Intend Blackline. If parts are abroad from the mainstream, customers get scared. Two instead of four bolts at a handlebar clamp? No lower guards at a USD fork ? These are solutions which are lighter and have a better appearance, but they lead to questions, concerns and doubts.

The Intend Blackline satisfies the wish for technical perfection with the common sense of how products should look like.

This is what I want to do with the Intend Blackline

What are the differences between Intend and Intend Blackline ?

Intend Bicycle Components are high quality, 99% made in Germany products. They are made with the idea in mind, to go a step ahead in function, design and craftsmanship. They are made in different colors and different versions, which leads to higher variety. They are assembled piece by piece, for the needs of the customer. Products are getting expensive then, which is only possible in direct sales. That is why Intend Bicycle Components are not available at your dealer, only here at Intend.

The Intend Blackline is different there.

They share the same technologies, same air spring, same seals, same Stiffmaster-bearings and so on, but the approach of the product is different.

The aims have been, to reduce the prices for customers and to reach more customers who need support of their local dealer. So the Blackline is more affordable and not only available here at Intend, but also at the dealer of your choice.

To be able to reduce prices, it is necessary to offer the Blackline parts in only one color. Black. Now “Blackline” should make sense.

Also necessary for reduced prices are less questions about products. Simple, understandable technologies which do not need much explanation. A good example are right side up forks. No questions about stiffness, lower guards, cable routing. Just simple, understandable technologie.

And the third part to make all that possible:

Production in Germany, where it is possible, and production in Not-Germany where it is essential from an economical point of view.

This means:

Intend Blackline products are not cheaper, or have worse quality, they are more affordable due to the reduction of not necessary colors, more economical production and nevertheless with a lower effort for selling.

To get an appearance, which matches the high quality craftsmanship, all Intend Blackline laser logos on the products are BLACK. That means they are laser etched BEFORE anodizing.